The Wounded Jukebox Monday Music Mixup

Hello again all. I hope you enjoyed the mix of what I’d been listening to lately a few days ago. As the title suggests, this Music Mixup will be a weekly feature, and hopefully I’ll be disciplined enough to always have it fall on a Monday. This will be a sort of grab-bag of tunes from upcoming releases, new releases and releases that I simply love and want to share with the masses, new or old.

I’ll post 2-4 songs from each artist I mention here every Monday.

Dear and the Headlights

I first heard about this band from my friend Jeannie, who I believe stumbled upon them at Can You See the Sunset? way back in 2007.  After checking out their debut, Small Steps, Heavy Hooves, I was hooked on this Phoenix, AZ outfit.

Their first LP felt as though it could burst at the seams at any moment (that’s a good thing)  was brimming with angst and emotion. Ian Metger’s vocals just seemed to sort of ache and move effortlessly from low register to pained yelping.

The band’s sophomore effort was devoid of any slumpage. I think they actually got better, tighter, on Drunk Like Bible Times.  There’s still that angst and pent-up energy that’s released beautifully every so often, but it feels more controlled and structured. I really love both albums as individual works, and when they’re connected I think they show some real growth. Anywho, the first of the TWJMMM offerings is two songs from DATH’s first album and two from their most recent record, released late last year. They are part of the Vans Warped Tour this year.

Five words or less on all these tunes.

Carl Solomon Blues from Drunk Like Bible Times: God this song is fun.

If Not For My Glasses from DLBT: Chorus drumroll is magical.

Skinned Knees and Gapped Teeth from Small Steps, Heavy Hooves: Favorite ever by this band

Sweet Talk from SS, HH: You got your new boyfriend.

Zip folder with all four

Ratatat (Remixes)

Ratatat did two volumes of remixes for some hip-hop songs that were popular at the time. Some of the collaborations work, some of them don’t, but the results are pretty damn interesting. I’m giving you four of my favorites, two of which involve Kanye West, who I am indifferent to personality-wise but who I think is pretty talented rap/beat-wise. The first remix album that Ratatat – arguably one of the best instrumental groups around – features more sparse beats that seem to slow down and air out the original track. The second edition goes all-out for the most part, and the effect is one of “whoa, that’s really cool”  kind of overload. At least in my opinion.

5 words or less

Diamonds by Kanye West (Ratatat Remix Vol. 2): An improvement over the original.

Alright by Memphis Bleek (Vol. 2): Keyboards are dope, man.

Sunshine by Jay-Z (Vol. 1): Guitar-pickin’, click-clackin’ beats.

Get Em High by Kanye West (Vol. 1): Get roasted slow, Mr. West.

Zip folder with all four.

Harlem Shakes

This band is really cool, hence posting about them in each of my first two entries. They bring together synthesizers, guitars, drum machines, keyboards and other random elements, blending them into rhythmic and catchy harmonies. It’s fitting that these guys are named after a favorite dance move, cause a lot of their music makes you want to boogey (pronounced “boo-gee”). These three songs are stellar, and all in a row on Technicolor Health, released this past March.

5 words or less

Sunlight: Coat of many colors.

Niagra Falls: Awesome keyboard riff.

Strictly Game: See this. Love this song.

Zip folder with all three.

Jenny Lewis

Whether it’s as the frontwoman for Rilo Kiley, workin with the Watson Twins or just a fantastic solo effort, Jenny Lewis is incredibly talented and sort of mesmerizing on and off stage. A friend of mine saw Lewis live recently at the Mershon Auditorium in The Wexner Center For the Arts and said it was a magical experience. Out of my jealousy upon missing that show, I will now post four songs from all things Jenny.

5 words or less

Jenny Lewis (solo), Pretty Bird from Acid Tongue: Pretty sooooong, pretty soooooooong.

Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twins, Handle With Care (feat. Ben Gibbard, Conor Oberst and M. Ward) from Rabbit Fur Coat: Cavalcade of guest stars.

Rilo Kiley, With Arms Outstretched from The Execution of All Things: My favorite Rilo Kiley song.

Rilo Kiley, The Angels Hung Around from Under The Blacklight: A troubled, touching tale.

Zip folder with all four.

Friendly Fires

In a word, these guys are funky. They are big with the hooks and melodies and fast and loose with their swagger. I read a review just now that called them “punk-funk.” That’s pretty accurate. Not much more to say except here are some of their songs from their self-titled debut full-length.

5 words or less

Paris: Someday we’ll live in Paris

Jump In The Pool: 100 best singles of 2008

White Diamonds: Is that cowbell?

Skeleton Boy: That bass line is… funky.

Zip folder with all four.

Enjoy everyone, more ramblings and music soon!

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