Soundtrack Sunday!

I can’t remember a time when there have been this many movies that I want to see. My top 3 that are out right now, in no particular order: Funny People, (500) Days of Summer, Away We Go. And in honor of great movie soundtracks throughout history, I’ll post some tracks here from original motion picture soundtracks.

Product Details

From (500) Days of Summer

I recommend picking this one up. I was thoroughly impressed with it.

There Goes The Fear” by Doves – This song has some really nice peaks and valleys, and at nearly seven minutes long, it never gets boring. It’s from their 2002 album The Last Broadcast. My favorite part: Around the 3:15 mark, the song breaks down with the lyric “Close your brown eyes /And lay down next to me,” just before breaking into a nice drumroll and picking up the pace a bit for the second half. Quality song, and it fits nicely on this wonderful soundtrack.

Sweet Disposition” by The Temper Trap – I won’t lie, I had never heard of The Temper Trap before I listened to this awesome song. This track had me within the first 30 seconds with the lovely guitar strum and then the thumping drumbeat, all packaged together nicely with some wonderful vocals and melody. I’m now a fan of The Temper Trap. They remind me a little of Mute Math and Silversun Pickups, for some reason.

Vagabond” by Wolfmother – I was mostly familiar with Wolfmother for their uber-overplayed, testosterone-infused song “Woman” from their self-titled 2005 debut. This song, I come to find out, is also from that 2005 album. It rocks, but with a slightly softer edge (stress slightly). “I’ll tell you everything about / living free / Yes, I can see you girl / Can you see me?”  I dig it.

Product Details

From Away We Go

This soundtrack is basically the Alexi Murdoch show. And he nails it.

All My Days” by Alexi Murdoch – Murdoch is a Scottish singer/songwriter who, according to iTunes, appeared on The OC back when Mischa Barton was only a bad TV actress and hadn’t mucked up the movies yet. Anywho, nearly all of Murdoch’s songs on this soundtrack (9 including a bonus track) are from his 2006 album Time Without Consequence, as this one is. And all of them are quality tunes. I like this one for its rainy-day feel and charmingly simple lyrics about love.

Song For You” by Alexi Murdoch – Murdoch’s voice is so soft, it just sort of blends into the instrumentation. Here you hear a guitar-pluck, a soft drum rattle and a subtle string accompaniment. Murdoch reminds me a little of Damien Rice or Nick Drake a la Garden State. This is another chill-out song.

An interesting thing about this soundtrack is that the other four artists are strangely either prolific or mega-famous or both. You have The Stranglers,  Bob Dylan, George Harrison and The Velvet Underground. Seems like the balance would be the other way around, huh? But I’m telling you, Murdoch is really great.

And since I don’t really have too many other new soundtracks, here is the usual hodgepodge of other songs for you to enjoy. All are on some film soundtrack.

Product Details From Little Miss Sunshine

The Winner Is” by Mychael Danna/DeVotchKa – This score opens up the film, and I just absolutely adore it. The string plucks and faint little acoustic guitar in the background meet the flurry of strings, and then the piano comes in and it’s just… Love it. It’s really an admirable instrumental effort from, at least in part, DeVotchKa.

Product DetailsFrom Juno

Tire Swing” by Kimya Dawson – I’m not sure there’s anyone else out there like Kimya Dawson. She doesn’t have a fantastic voice, and she spins sweet and charming stories about your everyday relationship and life troubles. I can’t help but like her. She has five tracks on this soundtrack, and it’s easy to hear why. She fits the movie, which was also charming in an offbeat way, perfectly.

Product Details From Rachel Getting Married

Unknown Legend” by Tunde Adebimpe – For those who don’t know, Adebimpe is the lead singer of TV On The Radio, and he also plays an important role in the film (which is really good, btw). This is, of course, a cover of the legendary (pun intended) Neil Young song. And it’s a capella. If you see the scene in the movie where Adebimpe’s character sings this song, I’m not sure how you couldn’t enjoy this. Hell, you should enjoy it anyway.

Product Details From Rushmore

Ooh La La” by The Faces – This song is so much fun. It’s all jangly guitar and plunked piano and delightfully strained, half-shouted vocals. A granddad imparting rather jaded love advice to his young grandson. And if you’ve seen the fantastic movie, you know it fits, cause that kid’s a little messed up. Apparently, The Faces were only around from 1969 to 1975, Rod Stewart was one of the original members, and bandmember Ronnie Wood joined The Rolling Stones after The Faces broke up.  How cool is that?

Product Details From Friday Night Lights

Your Hand In Mine” by Explosions In The Sky – This song forever endeared me to Explosions In The Sky, who I think might be my favorite instrumental band. I really want to see them live some day, because all the recordings I have of their live shows are phenomenal. Here, as I would learn by scooping up all their stuff after the fact, they really stay subdued and tune down the bombast. The movie was pretty good, but EIS’ scores made it even better I think. You just have to experience this particular track to understand how great it is. I used to study and write papers to the band’s songs from this soundtrack when I was in college. They’re nearly perfect.

There you have it. There’s more I could have included, and probably will rekindle Soundtrack Sunday in the future. But that’s all for now.

Some time ago, La Blogotheque (found on the blogroll to your right) did one of their takeaway shows with a band I love, Noah And The Whale. Watching  it made me smile, and so here I give all three parts to you. They perform in an apartment, on a metro rail, in a lift and also out on the street, all in France. They go other places too, but it’s all awesome.

Part 1 –

Part 2 –

Part 3 –

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