A Sonic Stew, Just for You #1

This isn't our Matt, but the moustache is hard to resist...

Hey everyone, here’s an entry by Matt, our newest contributor at The Wounded Jukebox. He’s new, but he’s got good taste, so be gentle!

Hello!  My name is Matthew, and I think you might really like these songs.  Let the sharing begin.

Is it truly unhip to like Carole King?  I didn’t get that memo. This is 26 year old Diane Birch.  She grew up in Zimbabwe.

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Diane Birch- Valentino (From Bible Belt, out now on S-Curve Records)

Arcade Fire they are not.  Yet they’re pretty darn’ tootin‘ close.

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Fanfarlo– Fire Escape (From Reservoir, out now on Atlantic)

Interesting Fact:  when a banjo is plucked melodiously, it can be a very solid band centerpiece.  Le Loup pulls this off very well.  Their newest album: Family is full of harmonies that sound as if they’ve been recorded off the sides of mountain ranges and within cavern depths.

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Le Loup- Go East (From Family, out now on Hardly Art Records)

There’s a fantastic live cut of this same song as well as others here.  Simple email and login is required to download.  It’s safe though.

Don your Viking hats.  Sail with these  unabashed Aussies and their falsettos.

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Dappled Cities- Wooden Ships (From Zounds, out now on P Dangerbird Records)

If Jim Morrison was alive today, he might sound a tiny bit like these guys.

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Tindersticks– Black Smoke (From Falling Down A Mountain, out February 16th on Constellation)

Do you like Lo-Fi Music?  I don’t.  But there are some very good exceptions.  If you hate sleeping alone, this is a song for you.

Best Coast- When I’m With You. (From Make You Mine 7″, out now, self-released)

-Is there a fleet of birds flying outside your car window?  Quick!  Play this song!

See full size image

DM Stith- Abraham’s Song (Bibio Remix) (From Braid of Voices, out now on Asthmatic Kitty Records)

-Change of Heart by El Perro Del Mar (The Sea Dog) is sweet enough to put you into a stupor.  I’ve tried to find a moment in time when this song didn’t speak to me in some way, and the bathroom is the only place.  I investigate these things.

See full size image

El Perro Del Mar- Change of Heart (From Love Is Not Pop, out now, self-released)

Thank you for your time!  Have a great week!

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