Poheinx (Phoenix Remixed)

How do you make a breakout album an even bigger success? Why that’s simple, you merely let some artists with plenty of indie cache/cred remix tracks from it. That’s the route that Phoenix — buoyed by the success of Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix, a funky and melodic experience from start to finish — have chosen. On Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix (Remix Collection), there are re-imaginings by Animal Collective, YACHT, Friendly Fires and Chairlift, among many other artists you might recognize. Some are better  than others. Electro act 25 Hours A Day (who did a marvelous job remixing “Long Distance Call” from Phoenix’s earlier album It’s Never Been Like That) does two cuts here, one a synth-fueled remix of “Fences” replete with cowbell and the other a sort of stripped-down then hand-clapped jampacked riff on “Lisztomania.”

When I saw Phoenix at the Austin City Limits Music Festival, the whole set was a thousands-strong dance party. I expect the same when I see them again in a couple of weeks, on a somewhat smaller scale. I’m excited, and so I share some remixes with you, our faithful TWJ readers.

Lisztomania (25 Hours A Day Remix)” by Phoenix (From Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix (Remix Collection), out now on Ghettoblaster/V2 Records)

Love Like A Sunset (Animal Collective Remix/Deakin’s Jam)” by Phoenix (From Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix (Remix Collection), out now on Ghettoblaster/V2 Records) – Quick note about this one: It’s trippy and it absolutely kicks ass. Wait until about the 2-minute mark and just soak in the awesomeness.

Preview both of these with the little blue box on the right hand side of the page!


  1. #1 by Mere on December 3, 2009 - 5:46 PM

    Can we talk about how I JUUUUUUST downloaded Wolfgang Amadeus and Alphabetical this morning and then *poof* I see your post?

    Yer freakin’ me out, man.

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