Spirits of the Red City: “Fire”

When you get 9 ragamuffins on stage playing music, it’s bound to be a cacophony.  Yet there are some groups can tame and funnel such an energy into one feeling in a song.  Case and point: “Fire” by the Spirits of the Red City.  Movements and waves of guitars, violins and cellos act as reinforcements for the lone voice of  Will Garrison.  He and his fellow Minneapolis natives are ripe for a cult following, and boast the ability to play 27 different instruments at any given time during a live set, swapping back and forth seemingly at random.

Such an austere feeling of passion comes through “Fire” you can’t help but feel it.   Give yourself permission to sing along, and you’ll enjoy it thrice as much.

Get the track below, or in the blue box, off to the right.

Spirits of the Red City – Fire (From Hunter Moon, Self-Released)


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