Sean’s 60 Favorite Songs of 2009: 40-21

Songs 2009: 40-21

Okay everyone, here’s part II of the list. Stay tuned for tomorrow, where I’ll be posting my 20 favorite songs of the year and giving you an idea of why I chose them, hopefully. For now, enjoy the “Second third”! Preview/grab the tunes in the box on the right!

Product Details40. “Divide & Conquer” By Vandaveer
Product Details39. “I Say Fever” By Ramona Falls
Product Details38. “Seven Seventeen” By Wooden Birds
Product Details37. “Love Like A Sunset (Animal Collective RMX – Deakin’s Jam)” By Phoenix
Product Details36. “False Creek Change” By Said The Whale
Product Details35. “Every Goliath Has Its David” By The Boy Least Likely To
Product Details34. “Stillness Is The Move” By Dirty Projectors
Product Details33. “Dominos” By The Big Pink
Product Details32. “Wicked Blood” By Sea Wolf
Product Details31. “Kiss With A Fist” By Florence And The Machine
Product Details30. “Two” By The Antlers
Product Details29. “All The Pretty Girls” By Fun.
See full size image28. “Ambling Alp” By Yeasayer
Product Details27. “Drain The Blood” By The Rural Alberta Advantage
Product Details26. “Now We Can See” By The Thermals
Product Details25. “Pistols” By Throw Me The Statue
Product Details24. “Fables” By The Dodos
Product Details23. “Anonanimal” By Andrew Bird
Product Details22. “Blue Skies” By Noah And The Whale
Product Details21. “The East Coast” By The Daredevil Christopher Wright
  1. #1 by Matt Argalas on December 29, 2009 - 12:59 AM

    When you look at all these album covers, it hits you just how artistic some of them are. What a collection!

  1. The Rural Alberta Advantage: “Stamp” « The Wounded Jukebox

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