Sean’s 60 Favorite Songs of 2009: 60-41

Songs 2009: 60-41

I’ll break this list up into three posts, but here are my 60 favorite songs of 2009. The only stipulation is that they had to be released this year (or leaked, I suppose). Links for these 20 are no longer active.

Product Details 60. “Fascination” By The Greencards

Product Details 59. “The Daredevil Christopher Wright” By The Daredevil Christopher Wright

Product Details 58. “Your Heart” By Andy Shauf

Product Details 57. “Hymn #101” By Joe Pug

Product Details 56. “The Calculation” By Regina Spektor

Product Details 55. “All There Is To Say About Love” By Bike For Three!

Product Details 54. “Eden Was A Garden” By Roman Candle

Product Details 53. “January Twenty Something” By Why?

Product Details 52. “Island, IS” By Volcano Choir

Product Details 51. “Bellyfulla” By Ramona Falls

Product Details 50. “Octavio” By Viva Voce

Product Details 49. “Slight Figure of Speech” By The Avett Brothers

Product Details 48. “Broken Horse” By Freelance Whales

Product Details 47. “Book of Love (Magnetic Fields cover)” By Nataly Dawn

Product Details 46. “Location” By Freelance Whales

Product Details 45. “You Can’t Force A Dance Party” By Dent May

pni16 44. “Tall Tale No. 5” By Patients

Product Details 43. “On Directing” By Tegan and Sara

Product Details 42. “The First Days of Spring” By Noah And The Whale

Product Details 41. “Northern Lights” By Bowerbirds

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