Swept under: Drug Rug

I’m tired of waiting for someone else to declare how great Drug Rug is.  They are FANTASTIC.  The eclectic duo of Sarah Cronin and Thomas Allen are named after the multicolored baja.  Your Mom and Dad used to wear them, to express how peaceful and love-filled they were (the H word).  Ask them .  They know.  But Drug Rug’s sound won’t remind you of your parent’s era.  Your nerves will bundle and tear you away, to a dusty room full of familial comfort and metal folding chairs; a self-help meeting for your ears.  Except the donuts are fresh and the hot guy/girl sitting next to you is baggage-free.

After an acclaimed performance at CMJ this past festival season, Sarah Cronin was named  2009’s Female Vocalist of the Year by Boston Music.  They’re touring with Dr. Dog and Los Camposinos right now; wrapping up their whirlwind trek in their home state of Massachusetts.  The newest release Paint the Fence Invisible, along with the Kitchen Tapes EP have gotten accolades from everyone from Pitchfork to Absolute Punk.  If you have a minute, give them a listen.  You might just find your new favorite band.

(Paint the Fence Invisible and the Kitchen Tapes EP are both available now via Black and Green Records)

Get a couple free tracks below, or in our Jukebox widget at the top right of the page!

Drug Rug – Never Tell
Drug Rug – The Sound Alone


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