The Heligoats: “Fish Sticks”

The Heligoats

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There’s nothing too complicated about The Heligoats, other than maybe their name. The music is straightforward alternative rock with heartfelt lyrics and some killer acoustic melodies. The Heligoats were started by Chris Otepka, formerly of the band Troubled Hubble.

This song, “Fish Sticks” is from the band’s newest album Goodness Gracious. It begins with the sounds of the sea. Then we get some strumming and kick-drum acoustics that build a kickass tune. Check this one out, and visit the band’s MySpace page here.

Fish Sticks” By The Heligoats (From Goodness Gracious, out soon on Greyday Records)

BONUS! Check out the band’s two Daytrotter sessions (10/28/08 and 1/2/10)

BONUS #2! An awesome, low-budget, claymation video for one of the band’s slower songs, “You Win.”


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