Laura Gibson & Ethan Rose – “Bridge Carols”

Whisper a secret and you will have overpowered the voice of Laura Gibson.  Blink and you will have lost the lull Ethan Rose.  What makes these two artists vulnerable, is also what makes their music so wonderfully irresistible.

This ether dwelling trait is what drives their collaborative project called “Bridge Carols” and what causes the record to be downright intriguing. These days, it’s almost outlandishly bold to make music that can be blown away by the leaves, and then expect it to reach the ears of others.  Yet the Portland duo have succeeded in making an album that entices, and then embarrasses you.  (You should have heard this sooner!  What were you thinking?)

This is music at its most pure; unthinking of the results or consequences, but made for the delight at having something perfect to place your thoughts and emotions into.  If you have the patience and the understanding, listen.

(“Bridge Carols” will be released 2/09/10 by Holocene Music.)

Download 1/8th of album below.


Laura Gibson & Ethan Rose – Younger mp3


one of the tracks performed live at even lower.



Laura Gibson – O Frailty (Daytrotter Session) mp3


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