Royal Bangs: “My Car Is Haunted”

You might just be hooked from the start with this crunchy nugget of blues-synth-rock goodness from Royal Bangs. If you’re not, I assume the fuzzy bassline and funky beats will have their hooks in you soon thereafter. Besides, who hasn’t had the experience of having to exorcise some demons from a less-than-cooperative automobile?

Royal Bangs are apparently in favor with Black Keys drummer Patrick Carney. They are from Knoxville, TN, and currently reside on Carney’s label, Audio Eagle.  If you dig into these talented rockers’ LP Let It Beep, you’ll find plenty to tap your toes and bang your head to. I promise.

Let’s get rocked!

My Car Is Haunted,” By Royal Bangs (From Let It Beep, out now on Audio Eagle)

BONUS! Guess what, Royal Bangs did a great set for Daytrotter that debuted just three days ago! Check it out here!

Need more BONUS material? How about an awesome live performance of their song “Poison Control”?


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