Balmorhea: “Bowsprit”

For instrumental music to be enjoyable, it almost has to unfold like a short story. There must be a beginning, a conflict or crescendo of some type, and finally, a musical resolution. For much of this wonderful track from Balmorhea‘s album Constellations, I was imagining the story I might write to illustrate the beautiful composition developing before me. What I came up with — two lovers looking up at the stars in the sky on a cold winter night, occasionally exchanging a kiss and caress, and finally running, one behind the other, to fall asleep in front of a warm fire at home — was lame. But the song, with all it’s alluring instrumentation and buildup and release, is anything but.

Bowsprit” By Balmorhea (From Constellations, due out Feb. 23 on Western Vinyl)

A lovely live performance of “Baleen Morning” at Reed College.


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