Songs for Haiti: 250 songs for five bucks!

So folks are homeless and starving in Haiti.  How does that affect you?  I know I feel a world away from the suffering. In truth, I still have a hard time believing any of it is real.

For those of us tempted more by music than celebrities, a new opportunity has cometh. Paste Magazine and partners have put the call out to musical artists of all kinds to donate songs to entice people like you and me to donate to the people of Haiti.

For a pittance of 5 dollars, or if you’re inclined, as much as 1000, you can get access to a music vault that holds more than 250 (and counting) songs by artists of all kinds.  I did this.  I was swayed by the musical swag, and I am lovin’ it.  I’ve had the vault open on my desktop for 3 days now, sampling the songs that look good, all the while feeling swell about myself.

TWJ vouches for this.  You’ll have to make a login for the Paste website, and then enter your credit card/pay pal  info.  But that’s it!  I haven’t gotten any bogus emails or suspicious charges.  Nothin’.  If you haven’t known how, or didn’t really want to, this is your opportunity.

To find out more (like who’s in the vault), click the link or banner below, and then click donate.

Songs for Haiti


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