Beautiful Star: The Songs of Odetta

Hot Damn!  This woman has soul.

Odetta Holmes has always been known as “The Voice of the Civil Rights Movement”.  She played a huge role in reviving American folk music in the 1950s and 60s; her music playing muse to such as Bob Dylan, Joan Baez and Maya Angelou.

What her voice lacked in strict vocal clarity, Odetta made up for with a piercing resonance in spades.  You CANNOT walk away from one of her songs without stomping out a few refrains.  She passed away in December of 2008, leaving a huge boot-print in the middle of our musical history.

I am ashamed, because only recently has a compilation of tribute songs come to my attention. Wears The Trousers magazine curated a collection of Odetta’s best, done serperbly by various female artists, all to benefit women’s charity in the UK.  White ladies such as Ane Brun, Marissa Nadler and Katey Brooks led their strengths to show you just how great Odetta really was.

We really recommend you take an opportunity to listen.

“Beautiful Star: The Songs of Odetta” is available from Wears the Trousers website, as well as Amazon.


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