Rogue Wave: “Good Morning (The Future)”

Rogue Wave’s fourth full-length release is the second after the band’s switch from indie-underground label Sub Pop Records to the slightly more mainstream, Jack Johnson-created Brushfire Records. Perhaps it’s my subconscious transferring the inevitable changes in sound I’ve heard several bands undergo when switching to a more well-known label, but the first single from the band’s newest album Permalight, “Good Morning (The Future)” simply sounds more like a pop song. Then again, Rogue Wave’s song “Lake Michigan” was used in a couple of commercials.

Whereas the band noted the emotional intensity that spurred Asleep At Heaven’s Gate, their first LP on Brushfire, what I’ve heard of the new record seems like slightly more straightforward pop songcraft. Some of it kind of sounds like Phil Collins even.

The change is not a bad thing, it’s just noticeable is all. I liken this song to what it might sound like if Rogue Wave lead singer Zach Schwartz fronted a poppier version of Death Cab For Cutie. I enjoy this song, though, and so I offer it up to you, our loyal TWJ readers.

Good Morning (The Future)” By Rogue Wave (From Permalight, out March 2 on Brushfire Records)

BONUS! “Solitary Gun” By Rogue Wave (From Permalight, out March 2 on Brushfire Records) – this sounds somewhat like Rogue Wave’s Brushfire Records labelmate Matt Costa.


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