Paul Haig: A Fantastic Robot

JKI =Robocop_Stencil_by_funksoulfather

The golden age of Scottish “New Wave” music occurred back in the late 70’s/early 80’s, during the groundbreaking days of Orange Juice and Josef K.  But lucky(?) for us, there are remnants that still make music today.  Paul Haig was the lead singer/songwriter of Josef K before they disbanded in 1981.

He’s since made records that fall all along the quality scale, but still creates music true to his roots.  Not too shabby for a man who once vowed to never sing or perform onstage again.  He continues his creative streak on his newest release: Relive.  The whole of the album might be for the hardcore fans, but that doesn’t mean you or I can’t dabble in a little Haig.  Your head might still sway a bit to his monotone croon.

Paul Haig – Good Thing.mp3

Paul Haig – Trip Out the Rider.mp3

Layout 1 (From Relive released 2009 by Rhythm of Life Records)

Begin your lesson here, then travel back in time and discover the bands that shucked the way for The Smiths, Echo and the Bunnymen and many others.

Paul Haig – Something Good.mp3

Josef K – Chance Meeting.mp3


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