Tribalistas: Brazil and Glenn

Music is a great thing and you probably already know that if you are reading this blog.  I was excited when Matt and Sean offered me a chance to write a few posts for The Wounded Jukebox.  Years ago I tried to start my own music blog.  Now that project is totally defunct because I didn’t have the consistency that these guys have.  I’m looking forward to contributing new music from a variety of genre including world music, hip-hop, folk, indie rock, pop and any other type of music that sounds good to me.

From Tribalistas released 2003 by Blue Note Records

I want to start off with a band called “Tribalistas.”  They are a Brazilian trio of established musicians who created a one-and-done album called Tribalistas.  It’s not so new, but according to my Brazilian friends, people have been waiting for a second album for years now, but Marisa Monte, Arnaldo Antunes and Carlinhos Brown are focused on their solo careers.  Their music is catchy whether you understand the lyrics or not.  Blending pop with Brazilian music, they create accessible and fun music.  The three Tribalistas have intriguing solo albums that I would recommend checking out as well.

Tribalistas – Ja Sei Namorar

Tribalistas – Passe em Casa

Great video giving you a taste of Tribalistas vibe


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