A Super (Bowl?) Sunday Mix

I’ll be honest, loyal TWJ readers (or first-time ones, welcome to you as well!), this mix doesn’t have much to do with football. One might argue it has nothing to do with pigskin, or the gridiron, or the Saints and the Colts, or really any of the general hoopla that surrounded the biggest game of the NFL season today. And they’d be right.

But no matter, I hope these songs — some new, some older — will have you feeling some degree of super. When needed, some information on these bands or the song is provided. Enjoy!

Boats” By We Landed On The Moon (From This Will Be One for the Books, out on date TBD, self-release) – When your lead singer is as talented and beautiful as Melissa Eccles is, your band is going to win some fans. This is wonderful indie-pop complete with the catchy hooks to draw you in. Check out their upcoming East Coast tour dates here.

The Weary Kind” By Ryan Bingham (From Crazy Heart: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, out now on New West Records) – Just saw the movie starring Jeff Bridges, about 57-year old country star Bad Blake and his road to redemption. It’s a well-done and captivating film, and Bridges can really sing (as can Colin Ferrell, who plays Blake’s superstar mentee). This song is the theme of the movie, for obvious reasons once you see the film. It’s simple and heartfelt, and Bingham does that sentiment justice with softspoken vocals.

11th Dimension” By Julian Casablancas (From Phrazes For The Young, out now RCA/Jive Records) – The Strokes lead singer hops from danceable beats to (surprise) indie-rock licks on his solo album. This song is toe-tapping fun.

You Must Be Out Of Your Mind” By The Magnetic Fields (From Realism, out now on Nonesuch Records) – This song is ultra-stripped down for Stephen Merritt and The Magnetic Fields. But Merritt’s lyrics are sometimes goofy, always sincere, and frequently delivered in a way it seems no other singer could deliver. This song has some gem lines: “I no longer drink enough to think you’re witty.” Love it.

Acts of Man” By Midlake (From The Courage of Others, out now on Bella Union)

Odessa” By Caribou (From Swim, out April 20 on Merge Records)

Tiny Little Head” By Seth Augustus (From To the Pouring Rain, out now on Seth Augustus/Quittner) – Seth Augustus has a serious Tom Waits vibe going on, but he has some soul that’s all his own in his gravelly delivery. This song is slightly creepy and fun all at once. Give it a chance.

Love Cry” By Four Tet (From There Is Love In You, out now on Domino) – Four Tet’s latest release is their most cohesive to date. The group’s compositions on this record are among the best work they’ve done. Allow some time for this 9-minute track to sink into your brain.

Heart of My Own” By Basia Bulat (From Heart of My Own, out now on Rough Trade) – Hopefully I’m not the only one who hears a bit of both Natalie Merchant and Tracy Chapman in Basia Bulat’s lovely delivery. The Canadian songstress delivers a painful tale over top of gorgeous and simple instrumentation.

Bears” By Sam Isaac (From Bears, out now on Low Transit Industries)

Written In Reverse” By Spoon (From Transference, out now on Merge Records)

OR download all the songs in one handy zip file! And you can grab the tracks in our widget over there ——->


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