Lonelady: Nerve Up<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<


Lonelady is just about the grooviest thing I’ve heard in a fair bit.  She comes from a far off place called Manchester in the U.K.  And until not too long ago, this isolated woman enjoyed a ponytail and slugged it out in the club scene like all the other subterranean hopefuls of her kind.  She makes tunes that sound like your inner Michael Jackson, made with all the sensibility of Prince, delivered with much of the sensitivity of your high school bully.  Which is to say it will hit you in your feet, in your crotch and in your stomach (but not your wallet, you can keep your milk money)

Well now she’s ready to jump the big time, with help from the Warp record label, and a brand new do that shouts “I’m an independent gal!”  and “I’ll f*%k you up, but you sure can appreciate my shadowed cleavage that may or may not be there.”  Her first and brand new long player titled Nerve Up won’t be released until the 23rd of this fabulous month, but there are plenty of singles and B-sides that TWJ will of course generously display for your listening pleasure.  Grab ‘em while they’re hot.





Lonelady – Early the Haste Comes.mp3

Lonelady – Intuition.mp3

Lonelady – Immaterial.mp3

2593881(Nerve Up will be released February 23rd, 2010 by Warp Records)

And if you can suffer through the accents and a quite endearing birthmark, you’ll find a lovely interview with Lonelady for your viewing pleasure here.



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