Josh Ritter: “Change of Time”

Lantaren/Venster (Rotterdam, Netherlands) March 22, 2008 Photo by: Riny Van Eijk

Josh Ritter is on that growing list of artists who I’ve never seen live but would love to make it happen as soon as possible. He is lyrically gifted (See “Girl In The War“) and possesses a gift for delivering powerful and emotional songs with his guitar, piano and a voice that is sometimes just above a whisper.

Ritter’s newest full-length studio album, So Runs The World Away, comes out on May 4. He has given all of us a taste of that new record by making the first single from it available for download on his site.

My initial reaction to “Change of Time” is that it fits with some of Ritter’s loveliest material. I won’t try to describe it, just sit back and enjoy it. I’ve listened to it almost 10 times today 🙂 .

Change of Time” By Josh Ritter (From So Runs The World Away, out May 4, self-released)

You can also grab the song from our widget, right over there ——————–>

Official video for what is certainly my favorite Josh Ritter song, the aforementioned “Girl In The War”


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