Joanna Newsom: “Kingfisher”

Joanna Newsom. Photo from

I feel like I am listening to a middle-ages minstrel when I hear this new track from Joanna Newsom. I also think this tune would fit inside a medieval castle or cathedral. Newsom has always had a style all her own, and this latest preview of her forthcoming triple album Have One On Me is certainly no exception. Be swept away by this 9-minute soft and subtle epic, with its orchestral flourishes, gently plucked harpstrings an the imagery it produces (at least for me) of Newsom flitting about in a field of tall grass with flowers in her hair, and yet a sorrowful expression upon her face. Intrigued? Well then check it out, dude.

Kingfisher” By Joanna Newsom (From Have One On Me, out Feb. 23 on Drag City)

And in case you hadn’t heard it yet…

“‘81” By Joanna Newsom (From Have One On Me, out Feb. 23 on Drag City) – All about what sounds like a pretty eccentric garden party.

An interesting live performance of “Peach, Plum, Pear

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