TWJ Says: You Should Actually Buy These. No, Really!



It’s happened to all of us:

your iPod decides to self-destruct, your computer dies of heat exhaustion, your laptop gets stolen, etc., etc. Heaven forbid any of this falls upon you, but it’s a reality that faces us digital pirates who sail the lofty seas of mp3s. This is why it’s so important to have physical copies of your favorites, all the while supporting your local record store. I suppose an external hard drive would work, but hasn’t your kid sister been spilling a lot of juice on things lately? What follows is a short opinion on some material goods you should waste space with.


Josh Ritter’s wonderful, wonderful 2003 album Hello Starling has been re-released with a not at all evil acoustic twin. On top of that, it includes live tracks (and an Arnold Schwarzenegger impression) recorded during one of Ritter’s many stints in Ireland. (That’s 26 songs!) If you rightly enjoy intimate music drowning in sagacious lyrics, or if you’ve never seen Josh Ritter live, buy this cd/record/album/thing. iTunes doesn’t have it yet, and it’s generally listed below the $12.99 price range. It’s a great buy.


Ane Brun is Norwegian. Ane Brun was nominated as best Norwegian Act on European MTV Music Awards 2005, best pop album and best song of 2005 at the Alarm Awards Norway, best Norwegian song of the CENTURY (Norwegian National Radio), best Swedish Female Pop Artist at the Grammys, Best Female Artist at the Spellemannsprisen (Norway) and best hit song 2005 with the duet “Lift me” with Madrugada. We won’t even talk about the awards she’s won. I am insanely partial about her.

Her lilting voice is best heard in person, but the next best thing is here. Ane Brun’s Live At Stockholm Concert Hall is a cd/DVD combo that features every single one of her best songs…….and then some. The performance itself is epic. It was carried out in the same venue as the Nobel Prize ceremony, and filled to the gills with backing choirs, string sections, pianos and guest vocalists (Anna Ternheim/ Tobias Froberg/ Sivert Høyem). Two songs are brand new and great; “Sleeping By The Fyris River” and “My Baby’s Arms”. The concert is moving, the music even more so. Amazon and co. is offering this as an import for around 20 bucks.

A couple clips from the DVD:


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