The Ruby Suns: “Cranberry”

The Ruby Suns huddle for warmth. Photo from

Crank this tune by The Ruby Suns and I’m quite sure you’ll have some fun. It’s an aural attack — the kind of attack that conquers glorious new territory in your ear canal. The Ruby Suns are led by Ryan McPhun, who has been in twee-pop outfit The Brunettes and The Tokey Tones. The band resides in New Zealand though McPhun is a California transplant. There is California sunshine, tropical synth beats and African rhythms. There’s a ton more ingredients in there, but I’m still sorting through them. I think you’ll enjoy doing so.

If you’re snowed in or feeling chilly, this is a great way to warm up. If you’re already toasty, embrace The Ruby Sunshine!

Cranberry” By The Ruby Suns (From Fight Softly, out March 2 on Sup Pop)

Not to be confused with “Hakuna Matata,” this song has fun and funk equal to “Cranberry.” And horns! You’ll love it too.

Tune Mahata” By The Ruby Suns (From Sea Lion, released March 2008 on Sub Pop)

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And a middle-of-the-street performance of the same song from La Blogotheque


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