Jesca Hoop: Hunting My Dress


Ok, ok!  So she was a nanny for Tom Waits.  Ok and yes he discovered her songs and then said:

“Her music is like going swimming in a lake at night”

-Tom (friggin’) Waits

Big deal.  Jesca Hoop is coming into her own.  As illustrated by the picture above (it was uh the only one we could um find ), she and her music might be on the same oddball level as Waits, but her lyrical style and song crafting are as unique as anything can get in this industry.  I remember listening to her previous and first album Kismet at a station in Borders with a face corkscrewed into a bewildered expression of “what the hell?”.  I walked away perplexed.  Then I turned around and listened again.  Jesca Hoop’s music will challenge you in ways few artists do.  Don’t look for formulaic song patterns here.  You’ll need to meet Hoop where she lives; in Willy Wonka’s sugar dreams.

In 2009 she moved from L.A. all the way to Manchester, England, which might explain why her new album Hunting My Dress came out in November of ‘09 there, but still doesn’t have a release date here in the states.  This is a shame because it features some of her most dynamic, not songs, but sounds to date.  I can’t describe it accurately with words, you’ll have to create your own.

jescahoop-hunting-LST068375 (Hunting My Dress available as an import via Indie Europe/Zoom Records)

Jesca Hoop – Four Dreams.mp3

Jesca Hoop – Whispering Light.mp3

She’s been recently touring with Fanfarlo and Andrew Bird, as evidenced by some outstanding duets with the latter.

“Oh Sister” (Bob Dylan Cover)



  1. #1 by Shiloh on February 14, 2010 - 6:54 PM

    i like the new scheme. =)

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