Jack Ladder

Besides telling you his name, I won’t ruin the surprise in this video, I’ll let you watch and gape first.

Jack Ladder – “Barber’s Son”

Did you see it?  He’s a young white Australian dude!  Come on, you can’t tell me you were expecting that!

Alright, maybe the skinny jeans gave it away early.  Jack Ladder’s myspace page would like you to:

‘Imagine Leonard Cohen driving through Detroit singing along to Little Richard on the radio.’

And that imagining is something I find myself quite easily inclined to do.  Though, Jack’s grit and Laurenz Pike (from Pivot) on drums makes it just real enough.  If you like what you heard, there’s a lot more of it.  Unfortunately, despite touring with the likes of Wolfmother, Bill Callahan (that’s a match made in heaven right there), Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks and Okkervil River, you’ll find nary a tune available apart from imports here in the U.S.  What injustice.

That’s what TWJ is here for.  Grab some of your new favorite tracks below and read a short interview with the Aussie pompadour himself.

Jack Ladder

Jack Ladder – Not Worth Waiting For.mp3
Jack Ladder – Closed.mp3
Jack Ladder – Barber’s Son.mp3

(Love is Gone released 2008 via the fine Spunk! Records)

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