The New Pornographers: “Your Hands (Together)”

It's been almost three years guys!

In short, the new song from The New Pornographers kicks ass. They are an indie rock outfit from Vancouver, and this song puts all the emphasis on the rock. With its thundering guitars and rolling drumbeat, coupled with some of TNP’s wonderful male/female vocal pairing, it is a delight.

I mean, when A.C. Newman and Neko Case are part of your lineup, it’s pretty tough to go wrong, right?

I’m not entirely sure what they’re talking about when they say “Put your hands together for the silver bullet / for the perfect future waiting,” but I think you’ll find it doesn’t matter too much because this song pulls you in from the start. We were teased with the band’s spot-on cover of Destroyer’s “Hey Snow White” for the Dark Was The Night compilation in 2009, and I am now eagerly anticipating the band’s new full-length, out May 4 on 4AD Records.

Soak in the power!

Your Hands (Together)” By The New Pornographers (From Together, out May 4 on 4AD Records)

Product DetailsTwin Cinema” By The New Pornographers (From Twin Cinema, out now on Matador Records)

Product DetailsMyriad Harbour” By The New Pornographers (From Challengers, out now on Matador Records)


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