Javelin: “Vibrationz”

These are real DJs on the "ones and twos," as the kids call them. Photo from last.fm.

Javelin are what it might soundlike if The Go Team, Hot Chip, Gorillaz and possibly Gnarls Barkley all got together to collaborate, then broke apart their music and tried to combine the pieces from scratch. Javelin is composed of two DJs from Providence, Rhode Island that know how to weave vibrating beats, sonic pulses and groovy dubs with the occasional vocal overlay for a stew that they describe as “tropical/crunk.” Could we shorten that to trunk and start saying things like “This stylish new genre certainly has its marquee bands, but there is undoubtedly a lot of junk in the trunk scene.”?

Just a thought. There is a virtual smorgasbord of electro-pop melodies being constructed here. Sample the flavors, let them coalesce in your ears. And enjoy the tunes!

Vibrationz” By Javelin (From No Mas, out April 20 on Luaka Bop)

Moscow 1980” By Javelin (From No Mas, out April 20 on Luaka Bop)

Settling the ever-raging “Soda or pop?” debate with a hella-funky video game-like riff.

Soda Popinski” By Javelin (From Jamz and Jemz)

What your memories from school might look like… on acid.

Shades of Peter Gabriel’s “Sledgehammer“? Tell me this isn’t flippin’ sweet.


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