Otis Taylor: The New Face of Blues

For a while, I thought the blues were dead.  I really hadn’t heard rootsy blues in a long time.  Of course, you have the blues influenced Black Keys and White Stripes, which are awesome in their own right, but sometimes I just need some original Robert Johnson, or maybe Buddy Guy and Muddy Waters.  These guys are necessities and will always be listened to, however, it’s always nice to have something new.  And then came Otis Taylor into my world.

To me, Otis is the new face of roots blues.  While bringing that old, Delta style as the foundation, he also infuses a variety of instruments and styles to give a new sound.  Using the combination of electric and acoustic he creates a multidimensional guitar sound, whereas many blues artists stick to either electric or acoustic.  In some songs the influences of his father’s jazz experience can be noticeable.

If you like the blues, or just plain good music, give Otis Taylor a listen.

Otis Taylor – Cuckoo (from When Negroes Walked The Earth on Shoelace Music)

Otis Taylor – 12 String Mile (from When Negroes Walked The Earth on Shoelace Music)

Check out the Guitar and Banjo on this one


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