Post No. 100! TWJ went to another show: Margot & The Nuclear So And So’s

I could think of no better way to break the century mark in posts here at The Wounded Jukebox than to profess my devotion to a longtime musical love.

My ears and heart are full, my voice is a little worn out, I have a large star stamp on my hand and my shoes are sticky. It can only mean one thing. I have enjoyed another great live show from the band that continues to hold the title of my favorite artist: Margot & The Nuclear So And So’s.

The show on Thursday was at Circus in Columbus, Ohio, a venue I’ve seen the band at before. It’s not a bad place at all to have a show, and in fact is the perfect size for a band such as MNSS. But I would recommend taking in a band you already know and love there rather than one that’s brand new to you.

I was a little nervous heading into the show. The lineup for MNSS has changed a bit since I saw them at Circus a little less than a year ago. What was once an 8-piece that included an ancillary percussionist and a lone female (the lovely Emily Watkins) on Rhodes is now a 6-piece that at times sports four guitarists and rocks the shit out of the place. Band cofounder and lead singer Richard Edwards is the main lyricist and songwriter for the band, and he still holds together the unit with his wonderfully animated and varied vocal talents. His at-times emotionally charged delivery of thoughtful lyrics is in direct contrast to Edwards’ stage demeanor, which seems shy and humble but obviously grateful and happy to be playing in front of crowds made up of diehards like myself who know nearly every word to pretty much every song.

It was comforting to find out that – even with a handful of intriguing songs from the band’s upcoming album – this newly shuffled ensemble can still pound out the material from the band’s first two (three) records. At times, it was just Edwards and multi-instrumentalist Erik Kang on the violin playing the familiar stuff. The newer members of the band simply watched while Edwards did tunes like “Broadripple Is Burning” (my personal favorite) and “My Baby (Shoots Her Mouth Off)”, but it was clear they were enjoying sitting back and being part of the audience like the rest of us while their lead singer adeptly captured the rest of the crowd’s attention.

So even though some things have changed, some things are indeed the same. And that’s good for putting a longtime fan at ease.

Staples like “Skeleton Key”, “Talking In Code” and “As Tall As Cliffs” sounded beautiful on Thursday night. The audience was led in a clap along on “As Tall As Cliffs” to mimic some of the sounds from the recorded version.

The encore was two songs, one presumably from the new record and a rousing version of “Barfight Revolution, Power Violence” that had everyone singing along once again. The crowd was really great at Circus, albeit somewhat mellow at times. We can’t all be singing at the top of our lungs (like me – I  pretty much ruined all the cool video clips I took at the show. Live and learn, I guess),  I suppose.

I purchased the group’s new 7-inch vinyl, which has the new songs “Birds” and “Bubbleprick” on it. Only $5! I’m pretty excited about firing up the record player to soak in all the new goodness. The band’s new LP is tentatively titled Dark Energy In The Spotlight. It is mostly done according to Kang, but no release date has been set. I await it with baited breath.

German Motor Car” By Margot & The Nuclear So And So’s (From Not Animal, out now on Epic)

Broadripple Is Burning” By Margot & The Nuclear So And So’s (From Not Animal, out now on Epic)

Skeleton Key” By Margot & The Nuclear So And So’s (From The Dust of Retreat, out now on V2 Records)

Barfight Revolution, Power Violence” By Margot & The Nuclear So And So’s (From The Dust of Retreat, out now on V2 Records)

Check out the band’s Daytrotter session.

A great take-away show from Blogotheque.

Album art from band’s new 7′, Birds/Bubbleprick


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