Jamie Cullum: The Pursuit


So cane me.  I like Jazz.  Flickering piano keys and dancing calloused fingers represent to me an expression of moody subjugation.  It applies to one’s circumstances, or to (in most cases) the woes with the opposite sex.  And Lord knows there’ve been woes.

U.K’s Jamie Cullum deftly does the complicated acrobatics between Jazz and Pop with self-assured flair.  He’s grown up with me; asking the same questions about life and sharing the same hesitations about making the big decisions.  Ok, yes he was VH1 fodder for a bit.  And yes I thought just as much of him back in the day.  But, somewhere along the way he shucked the “artist you aughta know” and became the “artist that knows he doesn’t”.  It seems maturity is one part acceptance and another part experimentation.

(The Pursuit is available now from Verve Records)


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