Yukon Blonde: Wind Blows

Yukon Blonde have that look of guys that you’d run into at a house party. They’d talk about the band they’re all in before sneaking onto the front porch to play an impromptu show that blows everyone away. You’d buy a copy of their LP from the lead singer, and if you popped that thing into a CD player, you’d be pretty impressed with the track “Wind Blows.” Least I was. Its catchy riff and chorus can immediately fill your head for an entire day.

The video for “Wind Blows” debuted on Under The Radar recently. I get a tiny bit of both Fleet Foxes and Blitzen Trapper when I hear this track from YB’s newest record, a self-titled release. It’s that 60’s sound with a bit of the northwest vibe mixed in. Formerly called Alphababy, Yukon Blonde have toured with Black Mountain, Ladyhawk and Women. This Vancouver by way of Kelowna, British Columbia band can write some sunny harmonies, even when they’re singing about rainy, windy-weather days.

We bring that front-porch, house-party feeling directly to you today at TWJ.

Wind Blows” By Yukon Blonde (From Yukon Blonde, out now on Nevado Records)

Blood Cops” By Yukon Blonde (From Yukon Blonde, out now on Nevado Records)

My goodness, that hair, those beards, that flannel. Awesomeness in the form of “1000 Years,” performed for Streaming Cafe.

The aforementioned official video for “Wind Blows”

  1. Yukon Blonde @ Zaphod Beeblebrox (March 6, 2010) | PhotogMusic

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