A mix just for you (and you, and you, and you…)

Wouldn't it be cool if we could wear mixtapes on our sleeves? Or butts?

It’s been awhile since I posted an old-fashioned mixtape for ya’ll, so I figured I’d throw some stuff from recently or soon-to-be released kickass records (and some older favorites) your way. Further info is provided where needed. Have a wonderful Wednesday, everyone!

Product Details “October” By Broken Bells (From Broken Bells, out now on Sony) – If you’ve not heard of Broken Bells — the collaboration between uber-producer Danger Mouse and Shins frontman James Mercer — chances are you’ve been living under a rock. Mix DM’s penchant for well-constructed beats with Mercer’s gift for wonderful melodies, and you’ve got something special.

Product Details “Nothing Like You” By Frightened Rabbit (From The Winter of Mixed Drinks, out now on FatCat Records) – There’s something about a Scottish brogue and honest, emotional lyrics that tugs at the heartstrings. Scott Hutchinson and co. released their newest LP just yesterday, and while it ventures more toward straightforward indie rock than The Midnight Organ Fight did in 2008, it’s a thoroughly solid collection of tunes.

Product Details “Love Is A Dirty Word” By Jason Collett (From Rat A Tat Tat, out now on Arts & Crafts Productions) – A short while ago we brought you news of Broken Social Scene’s new LP Forgiveness Rock Record, and BSS veteran Jason Collett released a new solo album yesterday as well. This cheerily strummed and funky-bassline-accompanied tune is a whole lot of fun.

Product Details “Bees” By Tanlines (From Settings EP, out now on True Panther Sounds) – This group is perfectly named, because they’re perfect for laying out in the sun on the beach or dancing in the sand. Built for summer drives with the windows down, Tanlines are an eclectic mix of island rhythms and electric beats.

Product Details “Come On Petunia” By The Blow (From Poor Aim: Love Songs, out now on K Records) – Okay, so this song is six years old. But it’s the best Police cover I’ve heard. And so I bestow it upon you. Every mix needs an oddball, right?

Product Details “Falling Day” By Kaki King (From Junior, due out April 13 on Cooking Vinyl) – King is a very gifted guitarist, and that is on display here in this stomping rock tune. It’s a little heavier handed than we’re used to hearing from the Atlanta native, but it works nonetheless.

Product Details “You Cried Me” By Jookabox (From Dead Zone Boys, out now on Asthmatic Kitty/Joyful Noise) – The press kit for this Indianapolis band says they are “love story meets psychedelic zombie-musical.” If that doesn’t intrigue you, their sound sure will. Check this one out.

Product Details “Pull The House Down” By Stricken City (From Songs About People I Know, out now, self-released) – This London-based group know how to rock. This tune is a jangly, thumping delight.

Product Details “Dan’s Jam” By The Dustbowl Revival (From You Can’t Go Back To The Garden Of Eden, due out March 16, self-released) – If you’re not having fun while listening to this fantastic big-band, bluegrass blending of styles, I don’t know what to tell you. TDR are from Venice, Calif., and they’d be perfect for a dancehall jamboree or a front-porch house party. Tap your toe, stomp your feet, nod your head. I did.

“Killing Kind” By Shark Speed (From Education EP, out April 6, self-released) –  Bands that Shark Speed remind me of: Maritime, early Tigercity, Ra Ra Riot and The Burnside Project. These are all good things. The Provo, Utah outfit create rock music that makes you want to bounce off the walls of your bedroom, or living room, or local pub, or wherever you have the good fortune to soak in their energetic brand of tuneage.

Product Details “Kill Me Carolyne” By The Whigs (From In The Dark, out March 16 on ATO Records) – The Whigs have been on plenty of rock fans’ radars for a very long time. This soaring anthem about sweet release shows they’re well-deserving of the acclaim.

Product Details “Go Do” By Jonsi (From Go, due out April 6 on XL Recordings) – In January, Matt alerted us all to the Sigur Ros frontman’s solo record. Now less than a month away, this first single from the forthcoming LP is really breathtaking. Some of the Sigur Ros layers have been stripped away or replaced by new and interesting sounds on this wonderful track.

Product Details “More of You” By The Avett Brothers (From I & Love & You (Bonus Disc), out now on AR Records) – The bonus disc for the 2009 release from this Concord, N. C. contains some stripped down versions of tracks from that amazing album (one of my favorites of the year). But there’s also this gem, a song about craving the love of another like a fat kid craves cake. Our gift to you.

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