MGMT: Flash Delirium

I’m not entirely sure what to make of this new track from uber-popular indie-glam rock outfit MGMT. It’s the first taste that we get of their forthcoming album Congratulations, said to be coming out April 13. The band that curried the favor of Sir Paul McCartney, of all people (the Beatle legend recruited the two-man crew to open a pair of shows in Fenway Park for him last year) sound quite Beatle-ish on this track. If you’re used to sounds like “Electric Feel” or “Time To Pretend” you might be surprised. But if you know all about “Kids” and “The Youth”, “Flash Delirium” shouldn’t be all that shocking.  It rocks pretty hard, and it’s certainly does the job of whetting our appetites for their newest LP.

Get caught up in the Deliriousness!

Flash Delirium” By MGMT (From Congratulations, due out April 13 on Sony BMG)

Electric Feel (Justice Remix)” By MGMT (From Electric Feel [single])

Kids (Soulwax Night Version Remix)” By MGMT

Trippy video for “Time To Pretend”

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