TWJ went to a show! : Horse Feathers


Distinguishable lyrics be damned.  We want ourselves some Horse Feathers.  We want the way they gently shout at the cracks in our own fragile suburbia.  Well, last night we got it.

2/3rds of the TWJ “writers” attended a delightful show in Columbus, Ohio where we were treated to hours on end of Rubermaid thwacking, flannel expositions and really great music.

Not one, but two local bands opened the night.  Old Hundred was first with a great Chad van Gaalen cover of “Willow Tree” and some fine tunes of their own.  I was especially delighted when the drummer whipped out a guitar and strummed right along while keeping time with the kick drum.  Check out more from Old Hundred here.  We recommend you do.

Then a group of youthful ragamuffins mounted the stage and clustered around a dubious blue tub and proceeded to sound just like Dr. Dog on a hike.  Saintseneca (one word) offered up some amazing folk and performed like seasoned veterans.  Not too shabby for a quartet that look fresh from a philosophy seminar.  They kick off a short northeastern tour starting on March 19th. You can see the complete list of dates here.  Even if their recorded material doesn’t translate for you, their live performance isn’t to be missed.  Something in common with…

Horse Feathers; three mustachioed men and one celloed lady, hopped in front and gave us exactly what we needed.  It always amazes me how intimately un-epic great music can be, sweeping the listener into an experience that feels like their own, despite all the expectations that are built up when it’s heard through a speaker or an earphone.  The music of Horse Feathers to me, represents a feeling.  One of callous yet cautious optimism in a twilight environment.

But when one is sitting arms-length away from Justin Ringle and Co., the music of Horse Feathers turns into your own private stretch of rural highway.  Walk it, drive it; do what you will, but the music from this Portland group will make you want to turn around and trek it again.

Music, pics and video from the concert; are all below for your perusin’ pleasure.  You can also download tracks with one click, in our Jukebox widget down by the calendar!

Old Hundred

Old Hundred



Horse Feathers performing “Dustbowl” at the Rumba Cafe in Columbus, on March 12


Horse Feathers – Cascades.mp3

Horse Feathers – Orphan Girl.mp3

(Cascades 7” is available now via Kill Rock Stars records)

Saintseneca EP Cover ArtGod Bones” By Saintseneca (From Saintseneca EP, out now on Paper Brigade)

Saintseneca performing “Shipwrecked” at the Rumba Cafe in Columbus, on March 12

-Matt and Sean

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