TWJ went to another show!: Tegan and Sara

I was comforted while seeing Tegan and Sara on Tuesday at the Lifestyle Communities Pavilion by the fact that there were several other twenty-something guys there that knew the words to nearly every song the Canadian twins played. And play them well, they did.

It was my first time seeing the duo live, and I was not disappointed. Songs like “On Directing” and “Alligator” from its newest LP Sainthood sounded great with the full band live, and favorites like “So Jealous” and “Back In Your Head” got delightful renditions as well.

Tegan told a story about feeling “purposeless” and walking around her house in sweatpants while eating popsicles before watching she and her sister’s live DVD to cheer herself up. It was that kind of feeling, Tegan said, that she hoped the song “Where Does The Good Go” would help to eliminate when anyone allows it to creep up on them. The performance of that song was wonderful.

As part of their 4-song encore, T&S sounded sweet and lovely performing “Call It Off,” one of the songs that I had somehow forgotten about when making my “songs I want to hear them play live” list but was thrilled when I heard them do it so well.

Taken during "Back In Your Head."

The crowd was enthusiastic, and the artists were quite appreciative, staying on the stage to give their fans an extra round of applause. I left feeling quite satisfied.

On Directing” By Tegan And Sara (From Sainthood, out now on Sire Records)

Someday” By Tegan And Sara (From Sainthood, out now on Sire Records) – the one song I would’ve liked to hear live that wasn’t played at Tuesday’s show. Small quibble.

Call It Off” By Tegan And Sara (From The Con, out now on Sire Records)

Where Does The Good Go” Bu Tegan And Sara (From So Jealous, out now on Sire Records)

A live acoustic performance of the first single from Sainthood, called “Hell”


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