A Julie Andrews Cyborg: Bachelorette


I can’t quite seem to decide if she sounds like a flock of Cherubs, fluttering around my ears, or if she’s an army of succubi, annexing my brain. Annabel Alpers, the Kiwi behind Bachelorette has been described as a one woman Animal Collective. Her weapon of choice: a computer, which she uses to synthesize layers and blankets of pure happiness. By why that particular moniker?

“I liked the way the word ‘bachelorette’ looked written down. When I started out, I was into making quite minimalist slow electronic pop and I thought the name suited that. I was also into that image of the 1960s Bachelor that would be depicted in Playboy magazines at the time — someone who’s into the finer things in life including the latest state-of-the-art reel-to-reel tape machines. That’s the image I think of, except it’s a woman.”

Between the beats featured in Buick commercials (“Mindwarp”) and putting on a shows opening for Beach House, she’ll be tweekin’ with your synapses soon enough. She was even featured on the list of the year’s favorites at an esteemed site. Her latest LP, My Electric Family caused even the persnickety Pitchfork to label her a Indie-Dance Diva and describe her music as delicious, and ecstatic. Alpers has expanded from her previous effort, Isolation Loops, where she recorded the entire album solo in a cabin (a New Zealand cabin, it’s different) and allows her army of doppelgangers to accompany in backing chorus. Every song sounds as if you’re emerging from the space marble with Jodie Foster, or in the honeymoon phase with HAL. Except here, you’ll frolic in the whimsical universes you’re transported to, spinning with arms wide in fields of stars.

Bachelorette – Her Rotating Head.mp3

Bachelorette – A Lifetime.mp3

Bachelorette – Donkey.mp3

Bachelorette – The End of Things.mp3


(My Electric Family is available now via the excellent Drag City Records)

61ZJ-sWZh L._SL500_AA280_

(2006’s Isolation Loops is available from Mystery Girl Management)


(2005’s The End of Things has been re-released by Particle Tracks)

As always you can grab the tracks below in our “Jukebox”.



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