Mumford and Sons: Sigh No More

I first heard Mumford and Sons on a mix CD that the Marvelous Matt let me borrow about 6 months ago.  Now they seem to be showing up all over the place.  I am going to argue that they sound like a mix between the Fleet Foxes and Avett Brothers, with Celtic overtones.  My roommate and I have been listening their first full length, Sigh No More, over and over again.  Their music is contagious.  You know how sometimes you have to listen to a band more than once before it hits you?  Well that’s not the case with Mumford; I liked it the first time I heard it.  Another benefit is that the whole LP is solid, without any weak filler songs.

Give these guys from London a listen if you haven’t already.  Along with Laura Marling and Noah and the Whale (who you should also check out), Mumford & Sons are leading an awesome folk scene out of England.  Another Tip – buy your tickets early if you want to go to their shows.  I just missed out on a sweet show with the Middle East in Vancouver because I didn’t buy them over 2 months in advance. Damn.

Mumford & Sons – The Cave (Island Records 2009)

Mumford & Sons – Little Lion Man (Island Records 2009)


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