Lesser Gonzalez Alvarez: Dude’s Magnificent


¿Que bola, aseres?  So were spinnin’ some polycarbonate and aluminum the other day, and you know how sometimes you get to hear music from another person’s perspective?  Like one time, when I first discovered Wilco, I played it for my Mom.  And I suddenly realized how dour some of the lyrics could seem, just in time for her to cringe and look at me disapprovingly.  Your brain hears things certain ways, and you don’t even realize you could be missing things.

Well, I had completely forgotten about Lesser Gonzalez Alvarez until it was time for our recent radio show.  Then I whip it out and I’m two years astounded.   It hit me like a galleta; “this dude’s magnificent”.

Why is Bear Billowing came out as many years ago, but it wasn’t until it was played in front on someone else that I realized the word play, the guitar play and the understatement.  I mean, LGA is un tremendo cojonu.  Not only does he make some outstanding contemporary folk music, he takes excellent pictures and creates some really cool art.  You can check it all out at his site here.  And his video for “The Letter B” is below.

Now you may have watched that and thought:

“Matt, that is some grade A whitebread music.  Shame on you”.


“Matt, I have never been so creeped out by people eating fruit.”

Both excellent, intelligent yet misguided statements are understandable.  But look at this man!  Look at this adorable Cuban and his fantastic follicles.

Lesser Gonzalez Alvarez 2476087196_89ee84a286

It’s safe to say I have a man-crush on Mr. Lesser.  His songs will cast such a charm upon you, you won’t realize it until you play his music in front of another.  You will feel protective and proud; letting your child out into the world, as I do now.

A recent SXSW performance


(Why is Bear Billowing? is available NOW via Car Park Records)

Lesser Gonzalez Alvarez – Pinecone Eyes.mp3

Lesser Gonzalez Alvarez – The Letter B.mp3

Lesser Gonzalez Alvarez – The Owl and the Pussycat.mp3 (written from Edward Lear’s famous 1871 poem)

Lesser Gonzalez Alvarez – Little Island.mp3


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