Madeline: The Dame Next Door

Madeline Adams

Every ounce of my manliness is a precious commodity.  There isn’t a whole lot, and what little that exists seems to dissipate en mass every workday and whenever I skirt into a Barnes & Noble.  Which is more than I care to admit.  But I would gladly throw my tie to the wind, skip merrily down a daisy covered hillside and grinningly twirl in circles in an interpretative dance of the music of Madeline Adams, a.k.a Madeline.


This is not to say that Madeline’s sound is de-man-ifying, as so much as it’s supremely comforting and leaves you wonderfully without inhibitions.  In TRUTH, she’s been living next to you for years, sharing lawn chores and strumming and singing on her porch while you listened with chin in hands on your own.

More here and here and below.


Madeline – Sleeping Dogs

Madeline – Sleeping Dogs.mp3

Madeline – To Hell and Back

Madeline – To Hell and Back.mp3

Madeline – Lit Elephants (Live).mp3

Madeline – Against the World (Faith).mp3

She’s just thrown a new EP (Tour EP) out there.  It was:

“recorded last summer in Anacordes, Wash. The EP features contributions from Phil Elverum (Mt. Eerie) and Gus Franklin (Architecture in Helsinki), and the resulting 7-inch is a lo-fi document that embodies the Pacific Northwest’s signature indie rock slur over Madeline’s lovelorn voice.”



(Tour EP is available now via Orange Twin/Plan-It-X Records)



  1. #1 by philipseymourhoffman on April 28, 2010 - 11:07 PM

    ahhh, i love madeline and have never seen her written about before. “good houses” is my heart beat.

    • #2 by The Wounded Jukebox on April 29, 2010 - 8:31 AM

      Isn’t that whole 2007 album fantastically intimate? I could happily write several more. Thanks for commenting!

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