Secret Cities: “Boyfriends”

From the moment the whistling chorus begins on this track from Secret Cities, I am buying what MJ Parker, Charlie Gokey and Alex Abnos are selling. Parker and Gokey, both natives of South Dakota, began the band by exchanging cassettes of their work via UPS and putting the pieces together several years ago. The results are best described as electronic folk, or noise folk. There are plenty of sounds to be digested here, from the whistles to the guitars — both lightly strummed and loudly fuzzy — to the pounding drumbeat and subtly woven handclaps. And then there’s the vocals, which never quite break through the wall of sound. From the moment this song starts, the listener is on a ride through some interesting peaks and valleys. There is a strangeness to Secret Cities’ music that can instantly win you over.

The band’s second album, slated for a June 8 release, is a meditation on, of all things, Brian Wilson and youth. More specifically, the connection between the two and how it went from tight to tenuous. It’s an intriguing concept to build an album around, and the song is a thoroughly enjoyable listen.

Boyfriends” By Secret Cities (From Pink Graffiti, out June 8 on Western Vinyl)

Pink Graffiti Pt. 1” By Secret Cities (From Pink Graffiti, out June 8 on Western Vinyl) – This second single is, like the first, alluring from the start.

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