Sleigh Bells: “Tell Em”

My ears have just been assaulted, in a totally awesome way. Sleigh Bells are among the most buzzed-about bands out there in the blogosphere. They have a remarkable knack for cranking up the volume, rocking out with cool samples, handclaps, snaps and kicking your ass from start to finish.

“Tell Em,” the first glimpse into Sleigh Bells forthcoming LP Treats, is no exception. Alexis Krauss provides the simplistic but aurally pleasing vocals, and I assume Derek Miller supplied the guitar riff  on this rollicking track. There’s not a whole lot of depth to Sleigh Bells — they are meant to be enjoyed, not examined, I think. Their sound is just a whole helluva lot of fun.

Oh yeah, and M.I.A. signed them to her very own label and is super-excited about the release of Treats, as she displayed with this tweet for Pitchfork.

Feast on “Tell Em.” If loud and delicious are your style, we think you’ll enjoy it.

Tell Em” By Sleigh Bells (From Treats LP, out May 11 on N.E.E.T.)

Crown On The Ground” By Sleigh Bells (Demo)


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