Angus & Julia Stone: Sunshine Children

Stone Angus and Julia 0210 2 Daniel Boud

I pose this question to you: Why are Australians so great?  Why are they so extraordinarily wonderful?  Even Natalie Imbruglia had her moments.

They grow ‘em blonde and kind over there.  I even heard an entire fleet of didgeridoos is sounded each time an Australian is birthed.  It soothes their ancient criminal baby brains.

And if bro and sis Angus & Julia Stone are any indication, our genetic future lies there too.

Apparently I’m dipping into the familial stream four years late; their EP Chocolates and Cigarettes was released back in 2006 and their long player (A Book Like This) a year after that.  But it wasn’t until LAST YEAR (!!!) that the debut LP was showered upon us in the states.  So all us haughty North Americans are to be forgiven for our ignorance; our minds just weren’t ready apparently.

And now, if you were to play the music given to you below, you would find Angus and Julia Stone adorable.  Not in the kittens yawning sense.  Rather when you feel so close to something you cherish it gingerly.  There is a certain fragility in the voices of the two; it’s almost a given when the subject matter centers around love lost/love seen far off.  But there is also a strength in the collaboration between the pair.  They’re both searching for the same sort of happiness, and together, they make you feel like they just might find it.  Why are Australians so great?

So now, get ready (my heart has been waiting to use this) to be sundered by the tonal thunder and experience the wonder in the pair from down under.  Gaze down below for the musical plunder.

All praise and glory goes to our great neighbors, The Music Scientists ( for introducing the splendid music of these siblings.  Be sure to visit!  They bake cookies and brew some potent concoctions.


(Their newest: Down the Way is available now via Nettwerk Records)

Angus & Julia Stone – Big Jet Plane.mp3

Angus & Julia Stone – And the Boys.mp3

Angus & Julia Stone – Mango Tree.mp3

Angus & Julia Stone – The Beast.mp3 (Natalie Portman approved)


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