Pomegranates: Local Jolly Trancers


I live in Cincinnati, Ohio. And admittedly, it’s not a bad place to be: we don’t have too many natural disasters, our racial profiling is at an all-time low and our sports teams are just good enough to provide a pleasant weekend activity without much of an eyebrow raiser if they lose. Our music scene is a little lacking though. We do have plenty of German sousaphone and polka bands that pop their feathered heads up whenever Oktoberfest rolls around, but by and large there isn’t anything too musically remarkable about the ‘Nati.

Except Pomegranates. The amount of raw talent and pure excitement that ooze out of the Cincinnati quartet only makes me suspicious of when they’re gonna leave for some place bigger and brighter (*cough cough* Heartless Bastards and The National). Honestly, I have never heard a band that’s just so gosh darn FUN to listen to!!!!! Playing the comparison game, they’ll sound like a mixture of The Format, Modest Mouse and your grandmama’s best baked good (fresh from the oven). You’re a child again when you listen to Pomegranates, jumping on the Moon Walk and running to pet that pony.

Soaring vocals (Joey Cook also of FIRS), amazing guitar rhythms, and intelligent lyrics; Pomegranates make living in Cincinnati wonderful.

MP3s and Clips below!

Pomagranates – Everybody, Come Outside!.mp3 (From “Everybody, Come Outside!”)

Pomegranates – Sleepover.mp3 (From “Corriander” single)

Pomegranates – Children’s Progress (Live Daytrotter Session).mp3

Pomegranates – Thunder Meadow.mp3 (From “Everything is Alive”)


(Two Eyes EP via Lujo Records)


(Everything is Alive via Lujo)


(Everybody, Come Outside! available now from Lujo Records)

Whilst the author wrote this, he found/remembered other great Cinci artists like: Kim Taylor, Ill Poetic, Bad Veins, Eat Sugar, 500 Miles to Memphis and Foxy Shazam. But still very much loves Pomegranates the most.


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