Apollo Ghosts: “Sons of Norway”

Apollo Ghosts waste no time getting to the fun on each and every track of Mount Benson. This tune, “Sons of Norway,” is a perfect example of that. Remember those awkward youth sports days? You played because your parents made you, and then they didn’t even show up to watch you play. But even the fact that the team sucked wasn’t all that bothersome as long as you got your oatmeal cream pie and juice box after the game. Or, if you were really lucky, one of the parents was cool enough to take everyone out for slushies afterward.

This Vancouver trio talks about Tiger Beat crushes, pirate uprisings and just about every awkward experience one could imagine. None of the songs on Mount Benson reach 3 minutes, and just as the quirky energy these guys bring to their brand of indie-pop, that brevity is a big part of the band’s charm.

The second track offered up here, “Things You Go Through,” is a laundry list of those stages we all grow into and out of throughout our lives. And it’s wrapped up in a shouted sing-song backup vocals and wonderfully upbeat guitar harmonies — with just a touch of feedback.

Think Tapes ‘N Tapes and The Shins having a beautiful but awfully goofy musical baby, and you’ll have a simplistic idea of what Apollo Ghosts sound like. Any band that drops an Ace of Base reference and a Corey Hart shoutout into the same song is just fine with TWJ. These guys know how to get in, impress, rock your socks, and get out. And for that, we love them. Hope you will too!

Check out the hilariously low-budget video for “Angels Acres,” or download these mp3s, with the widgets on the right>>>>>

Sons of Norway” By Apollo Ghosts (From Mount Benson, out now, self-released)

Things You Go Through” By Apollo Ghosts (From Mount Benson, out now, self-releaed)


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