Steve Mason: Beta Band to Alpha Man


Scottsman and founding member of the wonderful Beta Band (<Chalk and Cheese!!!!!), Steve Mason has a new solo project burgeoning. Although he has forged other solo efforts under such monikers as King Biscuit Time and Black Affair, we can suppose this is the one he’s most confident of; placing his actual name behind the album. And in my opinion, his Boys Outside does indeed boast his greatest sounds yet. Songs like “Am I Just a Man” and “Hound on my Heel” scream synth pop but radiate an intense spirituality of the musical kind. If you can remember that far back, TWJ posted a track in it’s Sonic Stew #2 this past December (toot toot). Well the long wait is over. Kind of. Boys Outside will be released May 18th abroad, but you can grab a digital copy now via the album title link above.

Very very wonderful rainy day walkin’/ lonely Metro ridin’/ trippy love makin’ music awaits you.

Steve Mason – Am I Just a Man.mp3

Steve Mason – Hound on My Heel.mp3

Steve Mason – Lost and Found (Active Child remix).mp3 (video for the single in the Vod Pod>)

Beta Band – Dr. Baker (Live).mp3

Steve-Mason-Boys-Outside-505225 (Boys Outside is being released via Dominio Recordings)


  1. #1 by A Pocket Full of Seeds on May 12, 2010 - 10:56 AM

    love it!

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