Top 15 Songs of 2010 (So FaR!): Matt’s Edition

Quarter YEar

The year’s just about at it’s halfway point, and already SO MUCH! great music has flowed.  Here are (of what he’s heard) Matt’s favorites, in no particular order.  Grab all of the songs below and watch some videos by the artists in the wonderful widgets aside>>>>>

Top 15: Matt’s



The Kissaway Trail – “Beat Your Heartbeat”

Constant AF comparisons haven’t dulled the edge of this Danish band.  Choirs of members warn wonderfully.

The Kissaway Trail’s Myspace here.



Cloud Control – “Gold Canary”

Australians always boasting 6 songs in one.  Their debut album Bliss Release is out May 18th, but “Gold Canary” shines the brightest.

Cloud Control’s Official Site.



The Tallest Man on Earth – “Burden of Tomorrow”

Kristian Matsson (aka The Tallest Man on Earth) tangles with his past and the future in sundrenched pastures.

See his site here.



Local Natives – “World News”

You’re on the celebratory march to the location of the your dreams during “World News”.  Board the plane and they’ll take you where you will.

Visit their topsy turvy site here.



Cate Le Bon – “Shoeing the Bones”

Soft and instantly relatable, Welsh songwriter Cate Le Bon sings and even looks like Nico.

Her Myspace is here.



Timothy Victor – “Lady Belles”

Though I’m pretty sure this song was part of British adolescent drama “Skins” and was never properly released, Songwriter and producer Timothy Victor weaves a short bit of magic here.

Timothy Victor’s Myspace.



Hammock – “You Lost the Starlight in Your Eyes”

If I say “7 minute mostly instrumental track” you’ll run away.  Instead, I’ll say Sigur Ros inspires the wonder from Marc Byrd and Andrew Thompson; the Nashville pair that make such amazing, amazing sounds.  And they do it all while living in Nashville.

More Hammock here.



King Charles – “Love Lust”

The excellently mustached and superbly quaffed King Charles is succeeding brilliantly in England, but hasn’t gifted anything to us in the U.S. quite yet.  Shame, because his sounds and hair stylings are sorely needed.

King Charles’ Myspace.

And an equally excellent Black Cab Session.



Mountain Man – “Soft Skin”

Sneak peekage of the trio’s Made the Harbor (due July 20th) has been floating for a bit.  “Soft Skin” sounds more polished than previous efforts, but still sundrenched sundress lake-filled good.

More from the Vermont triad here



The National – “England”

THE PROSE!!!  My God, the flow of the prose!!!! Life-goal fulfilling rhythms await you on this track.  I never knew I loved French Horns so much until now.

The National’s Official Website.



Oh No Ono – “Helplessly Young”

‘She reminds me of the future’ might be the best line I’ve heard all year.  Picture a flying train battling the oceanic elements while carrying the Childlike Empress and you’re halfway there.

Oh No Ono’s Myspace.



Oh No Ono – “Icicles”

Another?  Yes.  There’s nothing mundane about the music of Oh No Ono.  A Mew sympathy leads me to these Danes, but their complete lack of the familiar keeps you coming back.  “Icicles” begs you to rest and sleep, but then hurls you across Mickey’s broom nightmares.  Hazy trumpet solos to exit.

Watch a wonderful fan video of “Icicles” here.



Oh No Ono – “The Wave Ballet”

There were DAYS spent chiseling down Eggs to JUST (arrrrrrggg) three favorites.  An entire night with Poseidon and his realm awaits with/in this song.  But then you decide to flirt with a few of his Nyads, and a subsequent underwater chase scene on purple and red seahorses ensues.

See how Disney cheated Japan here.



The Rumour Said Fire – “The Balcony”

Crosby, Stills, Young, Nash, Simon and Garfunkel all fathered the guts on this one.  Technically this came out in 2009.  But it came out during 2009 in DENMARK.  A five month forgiveness (delivery) is allowed me thinks.  The word retard is used improperly here, but the spirit of the song still sings of sudden realizations and running to grasp the hand of that ONE person.

The Rumour Said Fire’s Myspace.



Laura Marling – “Rambling Man”

Folk (No don’t go!) has a mistress and her name is Laura.  On nights when Folk is feeling frisky he dines and shines with his favorite muse.  On one especially magical evening, they danced and spun and created a gem while everyone around them was struck numb.

Her official website with video intro is here.

Leave a comment and tell us what your favorites of this year have been!   Let us know what we missed.

More will be out tomorrow, and we’ll be back, hard at work.  Stay tuned for Sean and Glenn’s lists, coming soon!!!!!!!!!


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