Download Free EP from José González’s Band Junip



Have you ever heard the music of José González and then thought, “Hey, I would please like some more Moog synthesizer and percussive rhythm with that”.  Well you my friend, are a genius.  Back in the late ‘90s González joined w/ Tobias Winterkorn and Elias Araya (Swedes all) to make some unique gaze-out rock.  Shamefully it became more of a side-project because it wasn’t until 2005 they released an EP titled Black Refuge, but to date has never opened their trench coat to show us a full LP.  UNTIL NOW.  Well, until September 14th when FIELDS will be released via Mute Records.  That’s a bit of a long way off isn’t it?  That’s why there’s Rope & Summit; an EP you can download for FREEEEEE? right now.

For the price of an email and some locale info, you can have the 4 song EP now, instead of when it’s formally released; May 25th 2010.  I’ve done this, and my email hasn’t been propositioned by any porn queens yet, so regretfully I believe it is safe.  Get it all from their website here.

One and another song by Junip rests below, and you can quite content yourself with some clips in the VodPod.

Junip – Rope & Summit.mp3

Junip – Azaleadalen.mp3


Rops and Summer Cover (Rope & Summit EP will be released 5/25/10 via Mute Records)

And as you can see from their site, they have a short U.S tour coming up beginning in June.  Catch ‘em if you can.


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