The Music of Red Dead Redemption


I shot a horse thief in the sternum 7 times, delivered flowers to a corpse, saved a prostitute from being murdered then rode a mine cart to glory.  Now I’m not saying I’m a 25 year-old who plays video games……I’m not.  But in the case of Red Dead Redemption, I am willing to say I’m a 25 year-old who holds reverence when digging his spurs into his trusty steed and riding into sunsets.  But this game has some truly incredible music.  It’s ambience and the unexpected contributing artists will make you yelp with surprised delight.  img_117422_red_dead_450x360

There was a part in the game when I first arrived in Mexico, and my auburn horse and I were riding down a dawn lit canyon, that José González sang our clandestine entrance hauntingly.  It was one of those moments that make you shiver.  Other contributions from folks like Jamie Lidell, Ashtar Command and William Elliot Whitmore, along with the compositions by Bill Elm and Woody Jackson will all repeatedly knock your socks off.  Skip the game if you must, but do buy the soundtrack.  It’s absolutely amazing stuff.

Bill Elm & Woody Jackson – Born Unto Trouble.mp3

Jose Gonzalez – Far Away.mp3

Jamie Lidell – Compass (Red Dead on Arrival Version).mp3

Ashtar Command – Deadman’s Gun.mp3

William Elliot Whitmore – Bury Me Not On The Lone Prairie.mp3

51SxD3vuEcL._SL500_AA280_ (The Red Dead Redemption Soundtrack is available now via RockStar Games)



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  1. #1 by Mike on May 23, 2010 - 9:25 PM

    Whoa, is it me or did one of my favorite music blogs just jump the shark by posting about a shitty video game and its soundtrack. I expect more from you TWJ.

    P.S. More posts from Sean please. (No offense other dudes)

  2. #2 by Jack on May 31, 2010 - 4:00 PM

    Gosh, is it me or is Mike a vapid cunt who just posts ill-informed garbage without even giving something a chance first? Luckily, no one expects anything useful from you, Mikeyboy.

    Thanks for the upload, Matt, a couple of nice pieces there.

  3. #3 by Noonui on August 3, 2010 - 11:35 AM

    Red Dead Redemption Video Reviews >>

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  2. Rispon Avenue » There will be spoilers

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