Menomena: Five Little Rooms

This new tune from Portland trio Menomena’s forthcoming LP Mines is full of the band’s signature ambient soundscapes, complete with horns, a doting piano melody, heavy synth-buzz, a pounding drumbeat and some dramatic, fuzzy guitars. It is bursting with drama and weirdness all the way through its compelling five minutes. Matter of fact, that’s the perfect word for this song: Compelling.

The music fills one with a bit of uneasiness. And the lyrics do little to calm that anxiety.

This is a place that takes place in a freezer.

Count your blessings, it’s far removed from your group of peers.

From your circle.

Five little rooms, one for each of my husbands.

One for each of my bridegrooms. And their prostitutes. And their children.

Take a breath of the scenery, all this someday could be yours.

Cross your heart.

Five Little Rooms” By Menomena (From Mines, due out July 27 on Barsuk Records)

Product Details

Cough Coughing” By Menomena (From I Am The Fun Blame Monster, out now on Muuuhahaha! LLC)

Product Details

Wet And Rusting” By Menomena (From Friend and Foe, out now on Muuuhahaha! LLC)

If you’d like five interesting facts about “Five Little Rooms,” go here. You won’t be disappointed.


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