Arcade Fire: The Suburbs

The kids are all standing with their arms folded tight…

Because they’re eager with anticipation.

It’s been three years since we’ve heard some new material from Arcade Fire. Oh sure, our love for them was rekindled when we heard their song “Wake Up” so perfectly fit with the wonderful Spike Jonze joint “Where The Wild Things Are.” But as proper new albums go, we’ve waited an awful long time for Win Butler and Co. So when the band floated two new songs from its forthcoming release The Suburbs just a few short days ago, I’m sure many fans were thrilled.

The first song, title track “The Suburbs,”  is a plain statement for a band known for its anthemic chamber-pop orchestrations. But the toe-tapping piano melody is impossible to resist, and Butler’s voice sounds gentle and powerful at the same time. The song has an irresistible quality.

And then there’s “Month of May.” To me, it is the more compelling of the two songs for its deviation from the Arcade fire we’ve come to know and love. It is a loud, scatterbrained rock song with a punch you in the face rhythm section. The guitar parts in this song kick so much ass.

I’m intrigued enough by these two songs that I am excited about Arcade Fire’s new record. But it’s still two months away. So whet your appetite a little.

Image: The Suburbs Cover

The Suburbs”  By Arcade Fire (From The Suburbs, due out August 2 on Merge)

Month of May” By Arcade Fire (From The Suburbs, due out August 2 on Merge)


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